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We are Hivemind Website Design

It's time for business websites in Knoxville to get upgraded! Hivemind Website Design & Solutions is striving to help you beat the competition with incredibly modern websites that are both beautiful and secure. We say good-bye to Wordpress themes and endorse custom tailored websites that befits your business needs.

Why is Hivemind a Great Investment?

Local web companies have a tendancy to release broken, unfinished websites that don’t convert into sales very well. We are changing this by bringing some of the industry's leading veterans into Knoxville who knows exactly what works. No more broken websites, and say hello to your new competitive edge.

Honeycomb Left Mask

Beespoke Solutions™

Custom tailored solutions beefitting your business needs. Whether it is inventory software, eComerce, or customer service applications, our team of local veteran developers will strive for honeycomb perfection.

Content Management System
A system designed to make it easy to change content on-the-fly.
eCommerce Solutions
Accept payments online, reservations and other billing solutions.
Promotional Mini-Sites
Typically used to promote a new product or project.
End-to-End Solutions
Whether your business needs a small website or intergrate in an enterprise environment, our team is ready to discuss solutions that beefits your needs.

Solutions That Work For You

Why waste money on services you don’t need? We don’t upsell, we provide solutions! Beecause we know integrity keeps a colony together.

Affordable Websites
From simple, effective designs to elabroate multi-page works of art. Our team can help you decide on what is best for your business.
Improved Search Rankings
With Hivemind SR+, getting the results you want is made easy. Sit back and watch your ranking improve.
Effective Marketing Materials
Your brand should stand out from the rest and that is where we come in.
Analytics Made Easy
We help you understand the data behind your services and how it effects your business.

We've Got This!

Worried about how much time you will have to commit to this project? We’ve got this! We work as a Hivemind (as-one) to keep you from your busy schedule and deliver on our promise.

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